MODx, xPDO, & The WHERE Condition

I have had some fun working out the intricacies of how to use the “where” condition when building a query using MODx’s xPDO query builder. What I have found is that there is no one way to build a query using MODx.

sekFancyBox 1.0 Released

We are happy to announce that we have released sekFancyBox 1.0. There are several changes with this release.

Get the Size of a Directory (Over 2GB) from a Linux, Unix, or Windows Server Using PHP

I had a project that required me to get a folder size using php. At first I thought this would be a snap. Unfortunately the only php solutions I found required iterating through directories and sub-directories, adding the size of each file one at a time. That just wouldn't work, it would take to much time. Then I found some information on using some *nix calls.

Making A Blacklist For Upload To A Router

I was recently asked by a friend for some help making an upload for a microtik router. There was only one problem, there were 16,346 items in his list. He had given me a list of websites formatted to block url's using a host file on individual machines.

Creating A Drop Down List & VLOOKUP Moving Columns

There are several tutorials out there on how to create a drop down list. Here I wanted to show how to combine tools and functions together in different ways to make new and more useful tools.

Creating A Parts Lookup Spreadsheet – Part 2 Finding the Best Match

This is part 2 of a series of tutorials to show the power of Microsoft Excel. Here we will see some functions that were used in the first tutorial. The main focus of this walk through is to work with some new functions and to learn about how arrays can make life easier when working on large project.

How To Lookup Data Using An Array In Excel

I was originally going to integrate this tutorial as part of the Creating A Parts Lookup Spreadsheet Part 2, when I realized that there is so much to cover on array's that it would take away from the lookup tutorial. Here we will examine how array's are very handy. They work similar to a vlookup, but are not limited to looking up off one column, but several.

Microsoft Excel Stuck in Compatibility Mode

There are many ways in which MS Excel can be stuck in compatibility mode. This means every time excel is opened the rich new features available in Microsoft Excel 2007 and Microsoft Excel 2010 cannot be used, like the number of rows available to use ending at 65,536. There are several ways available to fix this problem.