sekFancyBox 1.0 Released

We are happy to announce that we have released sekFancyBox 1.0. There are several changes with this release.

For those who do not know, sekFancyBox is an addon for Modx that creates modal windows quickly and easily. We use the fancyBox2 library from Fancy Apps to create customizable modal windows on any page they are needed.

sekFancyBox supports inline display, iframes to display pages from other sites, text and html docs from your own site, or just the standard jpg image popup.

Creating an inline modal window is so easy in Modx using this addon, all it takes is one snippet call and you have a modal pop-up window.

  &linktext=`Text 1 to display as link`
  &text=`Text 1 that will display in the modal window.`

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